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What to do in London this Christmas

London is one of the most visited cities, not only in the country, but the whole world. Among the peak seasons of tourist visits in the city is during Christmas, where the Winter Wonderland, fairs and markets, and ski resorts are all at their best. We know it may be a little early to start talking about the Winter festivities, but it’s always great to book ahead to get the best deals. Truly, there is so much to see and do in the capital city but for those who wanted to plan ahead their visit, here are some of the best things to ever do in London.

  1. Visit the Hyde Park’s very own Winter Wonderland. Literally, the Hyde Park will discourage the Grinch in its stealing stint because there is just too many too handle. There is a lot to see and even by from the exhibits for everyone to take pleasure or bring back home. There are also food to enjoy and booths to capture memories. Indeed, when in London, the Hyde Park is one of the places that anyone should not miss.
  1. Ice Skating. London gets totally awesome in winter where everyone doesn’t need to hike up places just to enjoy skiing on the ice, not that this is not a good idea. For people who are hoping to get a good time with ice-cemented pavements, there are a lot of rink choices to be found in and around the city – Broadgate, Canary Wharf, EyeSkate and so many more.
  1. Christmas fairs and markets. When in London, another thing that a visitor should not skip doing is going every fair and market there is in the city during the yuletide season. Basically, it is the time for shopping and getting the best picks from local and global manufacturers and designers. From Christmas decorations to food, there is surely something that these markets and fairs has to offer every tourist.

One of the most interesting fairs or Christmas markets in London during the yuletide season is Tate Modern, where at least 170 designers come together to showcase their craft. There are clothing, ceramics, furniture, lighting, fashion accessories, jewellery, silverware, tree decors plus the studios behind the scenes to peak at.

  1. Of course, not to miss at all is the city tour to get to see everything what London has to offer. Doing so will also enlighten visitors why London has always become the obvious choice of more and more tourists around the world. Among the favourites will be the Buckingham Palace especially in time for the ceremony of Changing Guards, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, Stonehenge, and not the least, the Windsor Castle.
  1. Go on a food tour. London is known for the finest restaurants in the world and award-winning Michelin chefs so there is no need to go on a diet when visiting the city. From al frescos to fine dines, there is surely something to catch your attention and taste.

There is a lot to do when in London – tours, shopping, eats, or just wander around and learn the rich culture of the city that also represents the entire country.