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Are you coming to London for Medical treatment?

We all know how stressful it can be to look for accommodation in a different country when we go on holidays, but it is more difficult when the reason for your travel is to seek medical treatment. At Maykenbel, we understand how traumatic this experience can be. We have over 25years of experience helping people come to the UK either for holidays, relocation, and medical treatment.

All our buildings are located in Central London, close to all leading private and NHS hospitals. We can offer you a stress-free accommodation experience staying in London while looking after the loved ones at a lower cost than staying in a London Hotel. 

The Apartments offer 24 hours security with reception/concierge and CCTV cameras, lift, and wireless internet connection.  Each spacious apartment with large bedrooms and living rooms comes with air conditioners,  a fully fitted kitchen with all appliances, including a washer/  dry machine and dishwasher in most of the units.

Whether looking for a short-term rental that can be from just two or three days or an extended stay, our serviced apartments offer you space, privacy, and tranquility of a homestay away from home with all comfort, luxury, and services of your own homes. Our properties provide cleaning service( **) with bed linen and towels change.

Our friendly and Multilingual team, including  Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Urdu speakers, will work with you to understand your requirements and help you find your London accommodation that suits you.

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Key factors to consider booking our apartment hotel in London

  • Our Serviced Apartments  are close to all leading London Hospitals
  • More space at a lower cost than a hotel
  • You can stay for a Short or Long period
  • 24 hrs reception/security in all our properties
  • Complimentary High-speed wireless internet connection
  • Cleaning Service for maximum comfort (**)
  • Lift in the buildings
  • We can help you get around the local area

( **) restricted to once a week at the moment following COVID-19 Government guidelines

Serviced Apartments in London to rent near hospitals

Ideally situated close to the following hospital and clinics:

  1. Charing Cross HospitalAshburn court Apartments / 130 Queens’s Gate Apartments –  12 min– 2.1 miles
  2. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital 130 Queen’s gate Apartments  / Queensgate Court Apartments – 5 min– 0.9 mile
  3. Cromwell Hospital – Ashburn court Apartments / 130 Queens’s Gate Apartments – 6 min Walk – 0.3 mile 
  4. Great Ormond Street HospitalMayfair House Apartments  / 20 Hertford St Apartments  – 17 min– 2.0 miles
  5. Guys Hospital LondonMayfair House Apartments20 Hertford St Apartments–  24 min – 3.7 Miles
  6. Hammersmith Hospital Fountain House Apartments– 22 min – 8 miles
  7. National Hospital for Neurology and NeurosurgeryMayfair House Apartments– 16 min– 2.0 miles
  8. Portland HospitalMayfair House Apartments / 20 Hertford St Apartments –  10min – 1.5 miles
  9. The Princess Grace HospitalMayfair House Apartments– 9 min – 1.6
  10. Royal Brompton Hospital Manson Place Apartments / 130 Queens’s Gate Apartments 4 min– 0.6 mile
  11. Royal Free HospitalMayfair House Apartments / Fountain house – 25 min – 4.3 mile
  12. Royal Hospital ChelseaManson Place Apartments / 130 Queens’s Gate Apartments 9 min -1.7 miles
  13. Royal London Hospital Mayfair House Apartments– 5.3 miles – 25 min
  14. Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear HospitalMayfair House Apartments– 2.7 miles
  15. St Bartholomew’s HospitalMayfair House Apartments– 25 min-3.5 miles
  16. St Mary’s HospitalFountain house Apartments– 5 min– 0.8 mile
  17. St Thomas HospitalMayfair House Apartments/ 20 Hertford St Apartments  12 min– 2.2 miles
  18. The Fertility & Gynaecology AcademyMayfair House Apartments– 9 min–1.3 miles
  19. The Harley Medical GroupMayfair House Apartments / 20 Hertford St Apartments– 8 min- 1.3 miles
  20. The Harley Street Clinic Mayfair House Apartments 10 min- 1.5 miles
  21. The Harley Street Fertility ClinicMayfair House Apartments– 12 min- 1.7 miles
  22. The Lister HospitalMason Place Apartments / Chesham Court Apartments – 11 min– 1.8 miles
  23. The London ClinicMayfair House Apartments– 11 min- 1.6 miles
  24. The London Wellbeck HospitalMayfair House Apartments– 9 min- 1.4 miles
  25. The London Women’s Clinic – Mayfair House Apartments / 20 Hertford St Apartments – 10 min- 1.5 miles
  26. The Portland HospitalMayfair House Apartments – 10 min- 1.5 miles
  27. The Princess Grace HospitalMayfair House Apartments– 10 min- 1.6 miles
  28. The Royal Marsden Hospital Manson Place Apartments  / 130 Queens’s Gate Apartments  -4 min– 0.5 mile
  29. The Wellington HospitalMayfair House Apartments – 15 min-  2.5 miles
  30. University College Hospital at Westmoreland StreetMayfair House Apartments – 9 min- 1.4 miles
  31. Western Eye HospitalMayfair House Apartments– 10 min – 1.5 miles


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