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Halloween Holiday Fun in London

Let’s get Spooky!

Every year, Hallowe’en celebrations seem to get bigger in the UK; all things spooky will be taking over London on the 31st October. Events include: zombie walks, costume parties, cinemas showing classic horror movies and, most shops, bars and restaurants will take the opportunity to decorate (think pumpkins) and dress up. And, of course, children will be out and about ‘trick or treating’, so be prepared!

Halloween has its roots in Pagan, Celtic and Gaelic cultures, and originated in the early Middle Ages as a Catholic vigil on the eve of ‘All Hallows’ Day (also known as All Saints Day) on the 1st November. The focus always revolved around using humour and ridicule to confront the power of death and early celebrations involved lighting candles on the graves of the dead, offering prayers in exchange for cakes and treats and ‘Mumming’, or parading in costume. Today, it’s always a fun occasion and here are some of the best Halloween events happening around the capital:

Grant Museum After-Hours
The Grant Museum is a zoological museum, which is part of the University College London. Set amongst their collections of skulls and skeletons, the late night Halloween opening is a great way to discover some hair-raising facts about animals along the way. Labels on exhibits are Halloween-themed, and prizes for the best dressed guests are awarded. Tickets are sold at the door and include a glass of wine.

Chills in the Chapel
If you thought Hitchcock’s Psycho was a scary film, try watching it in a Gothic chapel. For one night only the Union Chapel dims the lights and plays the film, accompanied by a live version of the original score. All proceeds from the night go towards the Chapel’s renovation work. Tickets are £22.50.

Spooky Trail – Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill N6
If you’re looking for some Halloween fun for the kids, this magical adventure through the park and Lauderdale House could be the answer. Dress up, take a lantern and learn about the traditions of Halloween.
2.8 Hours Later
If you love Fight Nights, this one’s for you. One of the largest Halloween events and the latest instalment in the story of a zombie apocalypse. The aim of ‘2.8 Hours Later’ is to break back into the city, find resources and make it back alive. However, be careful – the undead are very much alive, and are out to get you. If you do make it back alive, there’s the survivor’s disco at the safe house. Tickets are £30, a little pricey, but just watch the trailer – it’s worth it.

Thorpe Park Fright Night
One of London’s most exciting theme parks, Thorpe Park is offering on selected dates in October and November a full 12 hours of thrills. As well as the chance to experience the scary rides until 10pm and the terrifying mazes will be open. Based on iconic horror films, including: The Blair Witch Project, SAW, and The Cabin in the Woods, only the brave take on the challenge.

Halloween in London
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