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The Traditional Fry-Up: London’s Best Full-English Breakfasts

Everyone deserves a good breakfast. Since it is the first meal of the day, it must be rich, delicious and will give you energy and strength to start the day right. If you are craving for London’s best full-English breakfast, then you are on the right place.

The remarkable tradition of the ‘Full English’ was able to stand the test of time. Full-English breakfasts are something that many people from all parts of the city and the world are looking for when visiting the place. Not only it allows them to have a taste of the unique English tradition, but also enjoy its authentic cuisine. If you are into a full-English breakfast, here is a breakdown of the traditional fry-up, and the essential components to enjoy a real, authentic English breakfast.

Bacon and Sausage. It is never a real full-English breakfast without these meats. The combination of bacon and sausage is a very important element to a full fry up. You can choose the bacon that you like, but a simple pork sausage is ideal.

Tomatoes. This may seem like just an optional garnish, but it’s not. Its acidity and sweetness goes a very long way in cutting all the fattiness in the rest of the plate. Cut a tomato in half, fry it in the leftover bacon fat and then finish with a bit of black pepper.

Beans. Just like tomatoes, beans may seem cursory, but they’re the plate’s element that will anchor the meal. Add a can of beans or try your homemade version of baked beans to have a complete English breakfast.

Fried Bread. Bring on the fried bread and just forget the toast. Put a sliced of bread in a pan with lard, butter or just the bacon drippings and you’ll definitely satisfy your cravings.

Eggs. Three eggs that are cooked to your preference is great but fried would be the ideal. If you choose fried eggs, reducing the amount of fat on them can be done by sliding them onto a piece of kitchen paper before you put them on the plate.

Mushrooms. Some choose the Portobello mushrooms. Just take out the stalk and then place them on a baking sheet the other way up with pepper and crunchy salt.

The full English breakfast is one of the most iconic dishes of the country. The fry up is also the staple on almost all breakfast menus throughout the British capital. From the traditional fry-up to the contemporary twists on the typical full English, it is definitely a must-dry breakfast while you are in London.

Eggs, sausages and bacon, typically served with fried bread or toast, mushrooms, cooked tomatoes, and often with black pudding is a wonderful way to start the day. If you are in London, there’s no way you can miss the opportunity to have a mouthwatering full-English breakfast in one of the best restaurants and breakfast cafes in the city. Try the traditional fry up to have a real taste of the authentic English meal.