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Top 3 Jewellery Shops in London

People think of London and visualise the finer things in life – posh homes, great food, and of course, the finer jewellery in the whole world. In fact, the richest and the most popular people across the globe go out of their way to come to the city for their awesome lines of designer and precious stones. While there is no way anyone will go wrong with any one of the thirteen designers shops in and around the city, if these shops will be ranked one on top of the other, the best three will be the Alex Monroe Jewellery,  77 Diamonds, and Rolex. These shops mean serious business, and a price tag to match.

The Alex Monroe Jewellery

The Alex Monroe Jewellery is famously known for its long line of precious stones and cuts in its classy and elegant show rooms. There is a lot to choose from the shop, from small to huge stones as well as from fancy to serious jewels. The establishment also offers a flawless service from top caliber jewellers and attendants. With these wonderful people, anyone who is in need of help on the kind and type of accessories that they need can truly find assistance.

Alex Monroe Jewellery can be found at the 37 Snowsfields in Greater London. It is a well-known place so anyone, local or tourist can immediately find a lift to bring them to the place in no time.

77 Diamonds

Increasingly becoming the most popular jewel store in the Greater area of London is the 77 Diamonds. It is one of the 13 jewel stores in London that offers the widest and the rarest precious cuts of stones to its patrons from across the globe. It also offers services like no other, from consulting to fitting and even shipping if there is a need for that help. All showroom staff are well adept to the needs of their clients which make their services more sought after and thus leading the name to its peak.

77 Diamond is also very aggressive with its local and national marketing strategies. It runs different competitions and promotions over its home page and social networking sites to ensure that everyone gets their cut of their precious stones.

77 Diamond is located at the 2nd Floor of 3 Hanover Square, an easy find in the greater area of London.


Who hadn’t heard about Rolex yet? Probably the most known jewellery store in the world is the Rolex. It does not only offer jewels, precious stones, and fancy accessories but a long line of watches that last a lifetime. It is a serious jewellery business that caters to equally serious with their accessories patrons. And it never fails to impress with its wonderful product lines and awesome store clerks.

The Rolex can be found at 100 Knightsbridge in One Hyde Park of Kensington plus two more stores in the Greater area of London.