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Thanksgiving in London

London is one of the countries that you must visit and discover how worth it to be there. With many events that they have, there is one event who is loved by many people, and that is Thanksgiving in London. This Thanksgiving is sharing different foods such as fish, lobster, clams, fruit, pumpkin, squash, berries, turkey, venison, and waterfowl. On this event, it has a various kind of foods that is being served. With that, many people are enjoying this kind of activity, because they are able to taste different kind of food that is prepared by prestigious chefs and restaurants.

What are the Classic Thanksgiving Dishes that is Being Served in Thanksgiving in London?

Thanksgiving in London is one of the traditional events in the city of London, wherein they are serving different dishes. However, if you do not have any idea on what kind of dishes do they serve during this special event, the following are the information on what dishes they have been serving:

  1. Turkey (Duck, goose, or Ham)
  2. Stuffing (This is a mix  bread cubes, chopped carrots, celery, onions, as well as sage stuffed inside of the turkey and this is cooked by roasting. Chopped sausage or bacon, apples, raisin, and  chestnuts are also included on this stuffing)
  3. Mashed Potato that has a gravy
  4. Sweet Potatoes (This is usually served as the candied of swell potatoes that this is being topped with marshmallows)
  5. Corn
  6. Butternut Squash
  7. Green Beans
  8. Savoury Biscuits, corn bread, or plain bread rolls (These dishes is well known in other art of New England and Southern US States)
  9. Cranberry Sauce
  10. Pies (the pumpkin pie is common but sweet, apple, pecan, mincemeat, and potato pies are also popular)

What is the Thanksgiving menu that is being served in London?

Knowing the menu that is being served on Thanksgiving in London, is one of the interested information that you must able to know in order for you to know what menu you will select once you attended this social event in London. To have an idea, here is the following menu that is served on Thanksgiving in London:


The menu that it offer in a Thanksgiving in London is an American-themed bite such as Missouri-rubbed, Maryland crab cakes and the slow cooked in an organic turkey. Aside from that, they also included the Wild Turkey  (made with champagne and bourbon) and a Non-Alcoholic Sweet Home Caramella.

Crown Shuttle

This is serving a menu that is included the chilli brisket bowl that has a cornbread, candied beef, collard greens, and the schnitzel mashed sweet potato.

Blues Kitchen

They are offering a menu that is American-themed burger and barbecue restaurant. You can enjoy the blue tunes and the live retro along with their delicious foods.

Overall, London is a kind of city wherein you can enjoy your vacation or stay due to its richness on events and one of that is Thanksgiving in London.