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Spring Wedding in London with Luxury Serviced Accommodation

Plan Your Perfect Spring Wedding in London with Luxurious Accommodations at Maykenbel Properties


Spring in London casts a spell with its blossoming gardens, longer days, and the promise of new beginnings, making it a perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. When it comes to planning this splendid occasion, incorporating Maykenbel Properties’ luxury serviced accommodations can elevate the experience for you and your guests. Here are some tips for planning your spring wedding in London, from selecting the ideal venue to choosing your catering, all while ensuring your guests enjoy the pinnacle of comfort and elegance.

Selecting the Perfect Venue

London’s spring landscape offers a plethora of venue options, from historical landmarks to breathtaking gardens. Consider venues with outdoor spaces, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew or the enchanting grounds of Hampton Court Palace, to take full advantage of the spring scenery. These locations not only provide stunning natural backdrops for your ceremony and photos, but also allow your guests to revel in the beauty of London’s springtime.

Catering for Every Taste

The culinary experience is a cornerstone of any wedding celebration. In London, the options are as diverse as they are exquisite. For a spring wedding, consider menus that incorporate seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients to capture the essence of the season. Partnering with caterers who specialise in British cuisine with a modern twist can offer your guests an unforgettable dining experience. Don’t forget to include options for various dietary requirements to ensure everyone’s needs are catered to.

Luxurious Serviced Accommodations for Guests

With guests possibly travelling from near and far, providing comfortable and luxurious accommodations is a thoughtful touch. Maykenbel Properties offers a range of luxury serviced apartments in central London, perfect for every member of your wedding party. From elegant studios to spacious multi-bedroom apartments, your guests will enjoy the privacy and comfort of a home-away-from-home, complete with high-end amenities and bespoke services. Our central locations mean your guests will be conveniently situated near your wedding venue and the best of London’s attractions, making their trip memorable beyond just the wedding festivities.

Enhancing Your Wedding Experience

Beyond the ceremony and reception, consider how you can make the entire wedding experience more enjoyable for your guests. Organise welcome baskets filled with local delicacies and essentials, waiting in their luxurious apartments upon arrival. Arrange for group outings or sightseeing tours, allowing guests to explore London’s landmarks and hidden gems. Maykenbel Properties can assist in coordinating these details, ensuring your guests’ stay is seamless and enjoyable.

Personal Touches

Finally, personal touches can make your spring wedding in London truly unique. Whether it’s a custom cocktail inspired by your love story, personalised wedding favours that reflect London’s charm, or incorporating British traditions into your ceremony, these details will make your wedding unforgettable.