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The Postal Museum: London’s Mail Rail


The Postal Museum Opened July 2017 from The Postal Museum on Vimeo.


Have you heard of London’s Mail Rail? If not, now is the chance to learn about it, and experience it for yourself!

On July 28 London’s Postal Museum will open its doors for the first time, giving you a look into the history of the Royal Mail and one of the city’s earliest forms of communication. However, more than just getting a glimpse into the history of Post itself, you’ll be able to take a ride on London’s ‘Mail Rail’.

The Mail Rail is an underground route that stretches 6.5 miles and was used to transport mail between Whitechapel and Paddington. It shut down operation in 2003, but with the opening of the new museum, visitors will be able to ride the route. 

Adult tickets to the museum will cost £16, and you can read more information about the museum on the official website.