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New Season – Autumn

The nights are drawing in and there’s a definite chill in the air: Autumn is here. Officially, it’s a three-month period that, in meteorological terms, begins on the 1st September. Or, for Astronomers looking to the skies for the autumnal equinox (when night and day are roughly equal length), it’s on a Sunday around the 21st September. Either way, Autumn in London brings bright mornings, sunny afternoons and glorious autumnal colours in our parks.

London gets creative during the Autumn months and here’s our round-up of the must-see Exhibitions this Autumn (look out for London Events and West End Theatre posts):

Late Turner: Painting Set Free, Tate Britain
10 September 2014–25 January 2015

The big ticket exhibition at Tate Britain this season! Dedicated to the works of R.J.W. Turner, it features works from 1835 up to his death in 1851 and explores the controversies and misunderstandings which plagued his artistic life and works.
Tickets from £16.50

Constable: The Making of a Master, V&A
20th September 2014 – 11th January 2015
Another popular artist for the new season. Famously Constable’s works have transformed the genre of landscape painting and, with works dating from 1799, the exhibition shows how he went on to shape the popular image of the English Countryside. Designed to offer a new interpretation, the collected works unite Constable’s preliminary sketches to his masterpieces and follow the transition from initial idea to finished work.
Tickets from £14

Ming Exhibition, The British Museum (voted No.2 best Rated Museum in UK by Trip Advisor)
18th September 2014 – 5th January 2015

Ming Exhibition at British Museum London
It’s new and a first; collated from museums across China and the rest of the world, the exhibition includes newly discovered pieces and the first opportunity to see them outside of China. Dating from AD 1400 to 1450 displays include intricate porcelains, furniture, jewellery, textiles and paintings from China’s famous super power dynasty.
Tickets from £16.50

Tracey Emin: The Last Great Adventure is You, White Cube Gallery
8th October – 16th  November 2014

Tracey Emin exhibition in London
Tracey Emin’s first major exhibition in five years includes bronze sculptures, canvases, embroideries, neon works to demonstrate her artistic development. In Tracey’s words:
“The work is about rites of passage, of time and age, and the simple realisation that we are always alone.”

Free entry

Truth & Memory: British Art of the First World War, The Imperial War Museum until 8th March 2015
Following the celebrations to honour the centenary of the Great War, this emotive exhibition displays over 100 paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints from some of the greatest artists of the early 20th Century.
Free entry

Rembrandt: The Late Works, The National Gallery (voted No.1 best Rated Museum in UK by Trip Advisor)
15th October 2014 – 18th January 2015

Rembrandt exhibition in London
Another big ticket exhibition for the new season. Focussing on the later years of Rembrandt’s life, when he was burdened with bankruptcy, legal proceedings and the loss of his wife and three of their children, the exhibition demonstrates how these anxieties sparked a new creativity and how he pursued a radical artistic style and expressiveness.
Tickets from £18 (concessions available)

Sherlock Holmes, Museum of London
17th October 2014 -12th April 2015
Who was Sherlock Holmes? This new exhibition sets out to answer the many questions about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous creation. It’s an atmospheric experience that recreates the actual times and environment of Victorian London and explores how a literary character developed from stage to screen, which over a 100 years later still attracts interest and big audiences.
Tickets from £12

Look out for our posts on London Events and West End Theatre this Autumn. And we’d love to hear from you about any London events, exhibitions and theatre that you’ve enjoyed. Write to us at mail@maykenbel.com

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