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Maykenbel’s Digital City Guide

Make the most of your time in London with Maykenbel’s official Digital City Guide. It’s free to download to your mobile phone or device, and it’s available in the language of your choice. You can access the Guide before arrival to help plan your itinerary.

The Guide gives you access to quality, regularly updated, authoritative information to help you get the most out of your stay in London.  Features include:

  • Places to Visit: 18 categories and over 200 venues
  • Restaurants: 14 categories (with 4 different price categories)
  • Shopping: 20 categories – from Arcades to Outlet Villages
  • Walks & Tours: 50 activities to help you get the  most out of the city
  • Maps: easy searching & directions with touch selection or drop down list
  • History & Facts: over 1,000 significant historical dates, histories of London Underground and Bridges, famous faces and bizarre facts
  • Calendar: 6 months of London events information
  • Travel & Help: Airport, Train & Bus information, plus Hospitals and emergency telephone numbers

It’s easy to download to your mobile phone or device, simply scan the QR code below:

Maykenbel Digital Guide

To select The Guide in the language of your choice, simply follow the menu options.

We’d love to know if you found The Guide useful during your stay, and whether there is any further information you think would be useful for us to include.  Please send your comments to mail@maykenbel.co.uk