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Halloween in London

Halloween is probably one of the best times to visit London. However beautiful it is by the day, it still has its share of haunting history that locals continue to remember by reliving them during the Halloween. The city is the perfect example of modern and gothic, of beauty and mystery. The rich history and culture of London has eerie folk stories that once told, can definitely cause a thrill in the adrenaline of the audience.

To give a good example on how to spend the Halloween in London, here are some to-dos recommended to tourists:

  • Go on guided haunted tours. There are a lot of tourist tours that are available for a meagre price in London to ensure that every tourist gets the thrill of their life during the visit. Among the recommended ones will be the Tower Twilight, Ghost Bus, Ghost Ship, Hampton Court Palace and Jack the Ripper Ghost Walk tours.
  • Pay visit to the haunted spots of London, including The Spaniards Inn, The Viaduct Tavern, and The Grenadier which are all infamous pubs back in the days. The Haunted Gallery of the Hampton Court Palace is also among the favourites when it comes to scares. People believe that Catherine Howard’s ghost resides in the gallery and can be heard screaming. Another famous haunted spot in the city is the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, a theatre popular for its eeriness and haunting stories. Last but not the least, are the cemeteries of London, which are beauteous but eerie especially at night.
  • Get a calendar of the activities and events in London during Halloween. There are Halloween dinners and performances that are hosted by enthusiasts and personalities in London, which you can take part on. There are also theme and events parks for a day and night adventure with night or mystical creatures to enjoy in the city. All it takes is advance planning and booking for any of these scheduled activities and events.
  • Opt for fright attractions in London during Halloween. This can be a close encounter with the known terrifying and horrible characters of the city or a mind boggling historical discovery of how surgery had been done in the 19thcentury in the Old Operating Theatre of the city.
  • Take part on Halloween night outs and rave parties thrown all over the city. There are surely a lot to choose from, so Halloween will never be a bore in London. From bars to home-style Halloween parties, the locals are known for creativity on different occasions.
  • Dine at spooky themed restaurants, bars, and hotels. London will never be popular if it is not among the best place to be at during special occasions. And everyone takes part on these annual events which makes the city so much fun, including restaurants and bars. Eating out during Halloween in London will definitely be an exciting thing to do so head out and be one with the locals in their celebration of this scary, fun night.