Amazing Signature Pizzas in London

Look­ing for the best places to grab a slice in Lon­don? Then this is def­i­nite­ly the right place for you. There are an amaz­ing array of Pizze­rias in Lon­don, all offer­ing their own spe­cial top­pings and quirky options (like a toma­to-less piz­za!). Here’s our favourites:

Voodoo Ray’s

Whilst Voodoo Ray’s is an inter­est­ing name for a Piz­za Par­lour, don’t be put off. It’s an amaz­ing place to go, and they’ve def­i­nite­ly got an inter­est­ing option: May­on­naise Piz­za. Only avail­able after mid­night, this Piz­za has Bacon, Mar­i­nat­ed Toma­toes, Moz­zarel­la, and dol­lops of Kew­pie, a Japan­ese may­on­naise brand. But trust me, it’s well worth a try.

Joe Public

Locat­ed near Clapham Com­mon in South Lon­don, this dain­ty lit­tle Piz­za Par­lour is a beau­ti­ful mix between atmos­pher­ic, inti­mate, and indie. If you’re head­ing home after a long day, hop-off the tube, grab a slice, and hop back on. What’s more, they do a great mush­room piz­za for the fun­gus fan: wild mush­room, truf­fle oil and parme­san makes for a salty, earthy deli­cious piz­za. What’s more, if it’s the week­end — grab one of their awe­some Mar­gar­i­tas too.

Yard Sale Pizza

Yard Sale is anoth­er inter­est­ing piz­za place in North Lon­don, espe­cial­ly if you need to eat your greens. Their spe­cial­ist, TSB, comes with Manchego cheese, pine nuts, and a hell of a lot of ten­der stem broc­coli (hence the name). Broc­coli on Piz­za is a lit­tle bit like Mar­mite, you’ll either love it or hate it, but if it’s bad you can always grab one of their home­made brown­ies to change up the taste.

Pizza East Portobello

Piz­za East Por­to­bel­lo is a great stop for the meat fiends. They serve a deli­cious Piz­za with Rus­tic Veal Meat­balls, slices of Pro­sciut­to, with a Cia­bat­ta style base, mak­ing it crispi­er and fluffi­er. To mel­low out the salti­ness, there’s a deli­cious herb-infused cream on top to give you some real depth. Get ready for this one. Go hun­gry.


With its great choice of name, Home­s­lice is a won­der­ful lit­tle Pizze­ria with some fun mix­es on the menu. They offer a won­der­ful piz­za which con­sists of the usu­al ingre­di­ents, but with a whole new take on flavour. Get your meat, veg­eta­bles, and toma­to sauce on this one — but then think sweet and salty pig cheek, and a selec­tion of Deep South Amer­i­can-style greens, all topped with the Japan­ese meaty sea­son­ing furikake, to give you this mel­low uma­mi flavour.

Lardo Bebé

Last on the list we have Lar­do Bebé, which offers a more ital­ian style piz­za — thin, big and slight­ly charred. If you’re look­ing for a health­i­er kick in a Piz­za, this place is for you. They offer Pump­kin Puree, Ricot­ta, and Kale as their sig­na­ture, and it’s absolute­ly deli­cious.