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5 Apps which Help Travellers in 2016

Having considered apps which help you travelling around London before, these apps go a little further into the traveller lifestyle. They consider things such as keeping fit, communication, and flights to make sure you don’t miss out on a good deal and to ease the burdens of travelling.


This application basically offers a digital concierge, helping you with booking services, restaurant reservations, food delivery, and housekeeping. It’s looking to fully roll-out in 2017 but it’s still possible to use. Why not jump in early?

App website: http://www.bellhop.me

VIVA Luxury

For those with a sense of class and style, this application helps by offering restaurants, events, and activities which are believed to be suited to your style. Available on iOS at the moment.

App website: http://appshopper.com/lifestyle/viva-luxury


StubHub has been a great application for finding good concerts and plays to visit, offering the option to buy tickets and follow artists. However, a new feature of the application allows it to scan your phone’s music library to see if there’s any gigs or concerts on that suit your music taste. Available on Google Play and iOS at the moment.

App website: http://www.stubhub.com


For the constant travellers and those who are not fans of routines, the TRN app allows for ond-emand access to qualified specialists for work outs, offering customised fitness sessions based on your requirements. This app currently only works in New York and Miami, but it is looking to expand soon. Available on iOS at the moment.

App website: http://www.trnme.com


Saving one of our favourite’s till last, this app, for a modest fee, gives you access to private planes and jets at the push of a button. Similar to Uber, but with planes, this app gives you a sense of privacy and luxury at the push of a button. Some routes are even free. Available on iOS and Google Play.

App website: https://jetsmarter.com