8 Reasons why London is amazing in Autumn

Lon­don is an amaz­ing city all year round, but every sea­son has it’s own perks. Here are some of our favourite things about vis­it­ing Lon­don in the Autumn, and why it becomes such a mag­i­cal place.

Cool­er tem­per­a­tures make pub­lic trans­port a lit­tle more enjoy­able

Whilst Eng­land is not known for hav­ing its sum­mers, this year has been espe­cial­ly hot which can always be unpleas­ant on pub­lic trans­port. As the weath­er cools, we look for­ward to being able to trav­el with­out the fear of sweat­ing on the Under­ground. Hooray!

Wit­ness the mag­ic of nature in London’s parks

With Lon­don boast­ing lots of green parks and nature, it can be amaz­ing to see how the trees and plants trans­form as the cool­er months arrive. Walk down streets of gold­en leaves, and hear the crunch beneath your feet. It’s an amaz­ing, mes­mer­iz­ing expe­ri­ence that is so sub­tle yet beau­ti­ful.

Anoth­er piece of mag­ic: no more hayfever

Whilst the green parks in Lon­don are a bless­ing, hayfever is not. Luck­i­ly, with the end of the bloom­ing sea­son you can take a breather from your hayfever med­ica­tion and enjoy Lon­don with­out a blocked nose!

Mulled wine sea­son

That age-old tra­di­tion of cook­ing up wine with spices is back every year, and there’s noth­ing bet­ter than stop­ping in the pub quick­ly for some warm mulled wine. A great way to sooth your throat and warm your­self back up before you car­ry on your touris­tic adven­tures.

Autumn is full of fes­ti­vals

We have plen­ty of fes­ti­vals all year round, and Autumn is no excep­tion. Take a look at the Lon­don Jazz Fes­ti­val, Lon­don Design Fes­ti­val, and Lon­don Restau­rant Fes­ti­val as just some of the few great exam­ples.

Hal­loween & Bon­fire Night

Two more great events in the cool­er months are Hal­loween and Bon­fire Night. Whether you enjoy a lit­tle bit of dress­ing up or trick and treat­ing, or fan­cy watch­ing the fire­works with some cot­ton can­dy, these make for great fam­i­ly events and are well worth vis­it­ing Lon­don for.

Ice skat­ing, any­one?

It’s time to brush up on those skills once again, and hit the ice. As the tem­per­a­tures drop all around Lon­don you’ll see ice rinks pop up which are always a great day trip or pit stop. One great place is by the Tow­er of Lon­don or by the Nat­ur­al His­to­ry Muse­um.

Few­er tourists

Whilst the sum­mer months are bustling with tourists try­ing to get the best pho­tos, the cool­er months die down allow­ing for an eas­i­er way to explore the city. The main sights are less busy, and you’ll be able to walk down Oxford Street a lit­tle bit eais­er.